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Sifli Ilm Ka Tor Ya Ilaj


Sifli Ilm Ka Tor Ya Ilaj

Sifli Ilm Ka Tor Ya Ilaj, Sifli ilm is a combination of sifli ilm and ruhani ilm. It is an ancient technique and you should know how to do sifli ilm ki kaat. Not many people are aware of sifli ilm and you need to know it to protect yourself from bad effects. To do sifli ilm ki kaat, you should have deep knowledge and through information about it. It is not a simple methodology and may be dangerous if not done properly. For this reason, contacting a specialist for sifli ilm ki kaat can be highly profitable.

Sifli Ilm Ka Tor Ya Ilaj

Sifli Ilm Ka Tor Ya Ilaj

If you are affected badly with sifli ilm, it is important for you to take help from a specialist who can do sifli ilm ki kaat. If you do not do so, it can lead to long term painful effects. Also, it is difficult to break its effects since sifli ilm ki kaat is not an easy thing to do. For this reason, contacting a specialist is always good. Sifli ilm is performed by some people with bad intentions. Hence, it is essential to eradicate the bad effects with sifli ilm ki kaat. It does not matter whether you are Muslim or not. Anyone who is affected with sifli ilm can take the help of sifli ilm ki kaat.

The sifli ilm ki kaat can work in any kind of situation. A sifli ilm specialist can help you in removing all kinds of magic or spells cast on you. It is only through sifli ilm ki kaat by a specialist that you can get complete relief. Only few people have the sound knowledge of sifli ilm ki kaat. Sifli ilm involves using unfavorable things such as stool, body waste etc. and a dark place is chosen for doing this. Those who are victims of sifli ilm can contact the specialist immediately for sifli ilm ki kaat.

There are many symptoms of sifli ilm. If you encounter some awkward symptoms, you should immediately go to a sifli ilm specialist for cure. Some of them are as follows:

  • Headache
  • Painful body
  • Watching stools in dream
  • Using the toilet repeatedly
  • Getting irritated quickly
  • Horror face
  • Burning eyes
  • Fast heart beat
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Stomach ache
  • Lose motions
  • Feeling restless

Sifli Ilm Karne Ka Tarika

There are many ways of sifli ilm karne ka tarika. One of the best ways is as follows:

You firstly have to collect any piece of cloth worn by sifli amil. It can be shirt, socks or anything which has sweating of that person. Now you have to write the following sifli ilm karne ka tarika for 11 times and recite it for 11000 times:

Yaa Qabidoo Fallan Binn Fallan Ammal Kabzz Karonn Bi-Hakki La-Ilaaha Illalaahool Maleekul Hakkul Mubeen

The next step of this sifli ilm karne ka tarika is to bury that piece of cloth in the graveyard. Before you do amal, you can recite ayetal koorsi for 11 times and blow on your body. One of the best ways of sifli ilm karne ka tarika is to do it at night, at around 12 o’clock. Secondly, place should be dirty. The more dirty it is, the better it will be. The sifli ilm karne ka tarika is that magicians need to call shaytaan and become their friends.

Dushman Ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa

Another thing is that magicians should remain impure. The more impure they are, the stronger their magic would be. Another aspect as per the sifli ilm karne ka tarika is that magicians do not take bath. They must also eat dirty things such as dead lizards, their own shits etc. as part of the sifli ilm karne ka tarika. During this, they need to recite kufr mantras. After fulfilling all the wishes of shaitaan, magicians can take their help. Hence, making them happy is the only way of sifli ilm karne ka tarika.

But there is one important thing while doing sifli ilm karne ka tarika. The shaitaan is no one’s friend as he would keep on asking for more sacrifices. If the magicians do not fulfil his wish, he will make their life completely like a hell. Shaitaan will start torturing him mentally as well as physically. The magicians may feel pain in their head or body. Furthermore, if they do not follow his advice, he may harm their family members also.

Sifli Ilm for Money

Sifli ilm for money is a kind of gift with which you can get everything you want in your life. There are a number of techniques used to do Sifli ilm for money. To do this, you need to take some precautions because it may lead you to face dangerous effects otherwise. You should use Sifli ilm for money for bringing positivity in your life. You should avoid using it to harm someone. It is a powerful technique that brings effective results. People have been using Sifli ilm for money since ancient times. You can fulfil all your wishes through this sifli ilm. Through Sifli ilm for money, you can get enough power to do whatever you want.


Everyone wants to be a rich person. You can achieve this dream with Sifli ilm for money. You have happiness in your life when you have enough money. Without money, you cannot buy anything. Thus, Sifli ilm for money makes your life wealthy. Whatever financial problems you must have been facing will get eradicated with Sifli ilm for money. When you earn money, it will directly bring prosperity in your life. This can happen only with Sifli ilm for money.

Apart from money, sifli ilm is also used for bringing love back. If you love someone with whole heart, you can take help of sifli ilm. The sifli ilm is so powerful that it can bring all the happiness you need in your life. You may get separated from your partner for many reasons. But with the help of sifli ilm, you can definitely bring your life partner back. If you face some problems in your love marriage, then also sifli ilm can help you.