Wazifa to get ex-love back – Love Issue

Wazifa to get ex-love back: Assalamualaikum Varhamtullahi and Barakathu, my dear friends, I am Moulana Jabid Khokhar and my dear such friends. If your love is a matter of love, then you are going to get this love. If you are wandering in the court. If there is no work anywhere. If you are worried about giving money to many people and no work is getting done. It tells about one such practice which is the best for love and through this practice, it helps millions of people.

I had taken advantage of this action about one and a half years ago, and at this time, about 11 lakh people have taken advantage of this action. 11 lakh people have done this action to Sibal and got a very good response, but on live Seema, I told the action of love. I stopped it because, however, it is not that love cannot be achieved through enablement.

Understanding Wazifa: A Brief Overview

I stopped telling you about this implementation of Life Wazifa to get my ex-love back, that is why. I stopped telling you about love, from my heart. Please understand my words carefully. Believe me, your love keeps crossing the seven seas, no matter how far your love goes and wherever you go, this love will be huge, it will come to you on its own, and your love will come running to you, it will be drawn towards you, this action is uncountable.

I have the immense strength to be careful that I can tell you the things of my heart. I have not told any action of love on my life tongue for a long time, less than six months of age. I have a part of the action of love, which within 24 hours has also given up on love. He can achieve so much by becoming so powerful, but when people lost their faith in Kalame Ilahi, people started paying money to others to do the work, people started giving numbers in the comments below, saying, “Brother, please contact me or else.” Take Baba Ji’s number.

Wazifa to get ex-love back

You will find thousands of people saying that you should also take a look. You will also find thousands of people giving their numbers and asking them to contact me. This Baba Ji told me 24 hours. What happened when all these people went away from the belief that the money tree would grow on itself? People’s faith in the beheading kept on increasing.

They thought who will implement these things and who will fully implement these things? They give money but they give money and they keep joining. That’s why brother, I stopped giving these things of love to me, I felt that people do not understand things, it is so powerful in action, today I am telling you this in my heart. I will tell it only if you people have full faith. I am sure.

If love is true, you want to find your love, if love has separated from you, if you are still troubled with the issue of love, then believe me, I want to love you wherever you are. you will eat this apple. Now you have to do it yourself. You have to do it yourself. You have to sit at home. You have to study everything yourself, still, You have to eat it. You have to do it, you have to eat it, you have to eat sanam love jumping. Wazifa to get ex-love back

You don’t have to ask anyone whether you want to go to your lover’s house or your beloved’s house, just tell him that there is nothing like that, make peace yourself, eat anger, believe that this is so in her heart. Innumerable love will be created for you, such traction will be created, and all the hatred will be destroyed, this attack is so powerful that today I am telling you, people, if you get worried about this love.

Understanding the Emotions Post Breakup

After doing this, just go away, it is of no use to you, I am telling you, and all the people who see numbers in the comments, do not contact anyone, with folded hands, let me tell you, oh everyone will loot you and run away, this is yours. Nanna will not give even a small amount of work. Everyone will understand this thing of earning money by opening scary shops. Don’t give money to anyone in the name of attacks that love has come in 24 hours. My Baba ji returns it. I do not talk much.

Only you understand, explain the way to transport the understanding, one such action, one such action, you people listen, I will tell you this action at this time, but there are some important conditions in it, you need to understand, the first condition is this fun, to get this position. It is only because of the love that you have that you will send a voice mail, don’t you want this love, it is not at all for illicit activities.

Dua for Husband Angriness Problem Solution

You are not seeing this, if your love is true, Inshallah, with the help of just one time, love will come to you, I guarantee your health, I claim that I am the thing because there is so much power in Kalame Ilahi. The center of Kalame Ilahi is so beautiful, this air is so innumerable. There is so much mercy that you will see, you will read on your own, and then love will come to you. If you do not understand then there is no use and watch it till the end to understand. This lotus can be done by a man also, a boy can also do it, and a girl can also do it.

If a boy is doing it, then it is better to do it in a secluded place under the open sky, then it is better for the emperor, this can be done even while sitting in the forest. At this time, under the open sky, from above, the sky is absolutely clear, and seeing the sky with your eyes can be done anywhere outside the house, if there is any problem at this time, you cannot go outside the house, go somewhere far away that someone there is a problem

Wazifa for Reconciliation

Due to this, if you cannot go, then you can sit on the roof of the building of your house, sit at such a place in the courtyard, from here also the sky is visible to your eyes and under the open sky, use your right hand in this manner. You have to sit holding the set at such a level that no one asks you, do not tell anyone about this action, he will make the juice and do this, tell us for the ladies, etc. Girls,

if we do it for you, then understand carefully here. Or you can do Amal for anyone or this is love, you can do it when ladies consider guava as the second thing to eat for every person. if they are not able to go out, love is a problem, then they can build a building on the roof of their house. You can handle this gram from the rooftop of the house or in the courtyard of your house from where you can see the sky. Amalesh is powerful, so how should Amal Surya be done?

The method of Amal

The method of Amal will improve. First of all, you people are in the condition of Pakhi. Be careful, you have to do it only once, what do you need at this time, only one apple, one apple, only one apple, that is your requirement and nothing more, you only need one bridge, in which way, how to take it By using this app, you will understand that the ad can be used any day, any time, under the open sky, but keep in mind that the sky should be visible, which means that you have made the call.

Don’t do it in Sambalpur at night. You should see the sky with open eyes. You should understand and see the insult. You should listen to the method of implementation. In this condition, you will catch him. After catching him, you have to start with the report, rather than read it in this manner. Very carefully, who said whatever?

Whoever is your love whose help you want to get, whoever is your true love, whoever you should come, whoever is far away from you, whom you were very close to, without whom you can no longer live, whether your beloved is your lover or your wife or There are brothers, there are sisters, now there is husband, there is wife, whatever is your issue, love, punishment, this love, you can do it at this time, keep this entire need in your heart and mind.

Exploring Wazifa Practices

Whatever your need, take care of it, keep its name in your mind. Keep it inside the body and the heart, you should sit and coordinate with full faith, this is the way to implement it, this should be your intention, this should be the aim, I want to achieve the love of so and so doubter, the result is to generate my love in the heart of the lover.

I want to stop the hatred to end these crimes, just take this tension as to what power and you will get success, listen to the method of attack, first of all, you have to sit here in this manner, after sitting you have to study. Whatever I tell you, you will understand the method of reading. We have to read in the same manner as from you, you should be almost at the level of your eyes, and your right hand should hold it with you, you are the eyes which are towards Usman. Your eyes should not be looking towards the sky. It falls in its way.


What should I tell you? You will only understand carefully 9 times. Nine times you have said that person’s name in your mind with ease. Nine times you have said that person’s name. You want to create love in the heart of anyone, you want to achieve the love of anyone, that is, forget their name, come and give it, here I am not mentioning anyone’s name, I will just tell you the way to implement it, do it and tell in which way you have closed it.

He has just said this name, after that reduce it three times in this manner or you have to bring it here in this manner, then looking above the eyes, he says your name nine times, then again hunger no, it is here now. Look at the ball and take the name, then we will do it. In this way, you have reduced it, meaning no time, after reading three more, we have to do it.

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