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SHIA AMAL FOR SHAB E BARAT, Shab-e-Barat is a night full of blessings and glory and on this occasion, it is said that the almighty takes favorable decisions for the welfare of his disciples and provides them goodness, kindness, graciousness favor to the people.  During this auspicious night of Shab E Barat Imam Mohammad Mehdi was born.  The month of Shaban is very fortunate for the people because the 15th night of Shaban also known as Shab e Barat is the most auspicious night, according to Islamic culture, that is next to laylatul Qadr or the 27th night of Ramadan in propitiousness.

  Shaban is the 8th month in the Islamic calendar. In this most auspicious month, the holy night of Shab e Baraat is celebrated by Islamic people.  Why this night is so auspicious, the reason behind it is that this special night to attain the name of Laaylatt al Baraah, which means the Night of redemption, people or disciples seeking exemption from sin and calamity. The 15th night of Shaban is that night in which the progress in spiritual and materialism and acceptance of penance is accomplished by almighty Allah.

Shia Amal for Shab e Barat:

  1. You must wear a new and clean dress on that day
  2. You must keep fasting on that auspicious day
  3. You must recite Ziaraat of Hazraat Saheeb all Aasr
  4. You must pray for the Imam’s appearance.

Shab E Barat is a special night for all those people who are seeking forgiveness and regretting to Allah. All those people also recalling their past sinful activities and genuinely deciding that they will never ever commit sin in the future. As you approach the blessing night of 15th of Shaban, so you must take full advantage of that night and you, Islamic people must recite this recommended Shia Amal for Shab E Barat in copiousness in the Mubarak night.

A u’dhu bi riddhāka min saakhatikaa, wa a῾ūdhuu bii ῾afwikka min ῾iqaābika     waa a῾ūdhuu bika minnka llā uhssī thanā’ann ῾alayka annta kammā aathnyta ῾alā     nafsikaa


That means, “I look for asylum in your pleasure from your nuisance and I seek asylum in your pardon from your punishment, and I seek your asylum from yourself. I cannot praise you in the way that you deserve most. You are precisely as you have defined yourself in the holy Quran”. 

Shia Amal for Shab E Barat is one of those nights Islamic people bestowed with honor and self-respect to the almighty Allah.

 These are the Shia Amal for Shab E Barat in this auspicious night as followed by:

  1. First of all you to Ablution and clean yourself from physically
  2. Then cease the night to sleep and pass the night in Ibadat, Dua, and recitation of Holy Quran verses.
  3. Then you must recite Ziaraat of Imam Husain that is the most beneficial Shia Amal of this auspicious night of Shab e Barat.
  4. It is reported by Imam that if someone wants to handshake with other souls of one lakh and 24 thousands prophets, must recite Ziaraat of Imam Husain.

Shia Amal for Hajat

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Keep remembers the Day of Judgment or Doom’s day when we will call every person with his or her Imam.

With The Name of ALLAH, the most Beneficent, and the most Merciful

Sal-Allah-u ‘Aala Muhammad Sal-Allah-u-Alayhe Wasaalamm

The 15th day of Shaban also known as Neema-e-Shabaan and among Muslim people it is also remembered as Shab e Barat. This day is a highly morally excellent night on this day Muslim’s last Imam Muhammad Mahdi was born too. Therefore, it is advised by highly scholars that all Muslim people must spend that night of Shab e Barat in the continuously praying for him and should fast on that auspicious day.

Shia Amal for Hajat

Yaa Allahu Yaa Ahadu Yaa waheedu Yaa mawjudu Yaa Jawwadu Ya Baasitu Ya Karimu Yaa Wahhabu Yaa JaTTaul Yaa Ganiyyu Yaa muganiyyu Yaa Fattahu

Fasting also have a very important for that occasion because it is believed that Allah visit to those people who are praying to him and waiting for him without eating, that’s why fasting also have an important role in this auspicious day.

Shia Amal for Ramadan

Dushman Ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa

I seek for the forgiveness of Allah and I regret before Him every day on these auspicious days.

According to Islam, Ramadan is an Auspicious month of fasting, self-contemplation, and prayers to the almighty Allah.

Repeat the following Shia Amal for one hundred times:

Allah-umma al`ann qatalata ameri allmu´minenna

Fasting is one of the five central maxims of Islam.

Each day during Ramadan, Muslims peoples neither eat nor drink from dawn to sunset. They as well alleged to avoid unclean thoughts  and do not behave badly with anyone. Muslim people break their daily fasting by sharing meals with relatives or friends and loved ones.

Shia Amal for Ramadan

This auspicious month Ramadan is end with a 3-days festival Eid al-Fitr.

Eid al-Fitr is believed as one of Islam’s major holiday. On this very auspicious time interval of Ramadan Muslim people recite Shia Amal to offer Allah Prayers for gritting him and they Do Amal to keep remember Allah all the day so when at the doom’s day Messenger of Allah come he liberate them from their sinful activities.

Shia Amal for Laylatul Qadr

Laylatul Qadr is the night also knows as Night of destiny. Laylatul Qadr is the most auspicious and splendid of all nights. A Shia Amal during this night is master to the Amal of a thousand months. The destiny of Laylatul Qadr for the upcoming year is decided based on this night. The supernatural messenger and Rooh-ul-Ameen come down on the earth, with the permit of Allah and turn the Imam of the time.

Shia Amal for Laylatul Qadr:

First, you take a Bath and then offer a prayer or Amal to Allah as follows by:

I seek forgiveness from Allah and ask for repentance from the almighty.

Before rising up from the Shia Amal, The generous and merciful almighty Allah will forgive all your sin  and your parents’ sin.  Then after rising up from Amal put the holy book Quran on your head and recite

Allah-umma ini asalokaa be kitaabekal munzaale Wa maa feeh, wa feeh-ismokaal akbaroo wa asmaakal husna, wa maa yokhaafo Wa yurja an taaj-alanni min otaqqaeka minaan-Naar”

Then it is also recommend reciting the Ziarat-e-Warisa Imam Hussain. You offer Shia Amal then keep remember your sins and ask Allah for his forgiveness, he is very merciful maybe he can forgive your all sins on that auspicious night.

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