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Love Marriage Relationship Issue Noori Amal

Love Marriage Relationship Issue Noori Amal, Love is a very sacred thing and a great feeling. Islam proclaims love as the central theme of its existence. Allah the almighty will always be there to protect you and save you from the devil. Being in love and falling in love with someone is the most enriching feeling you can ever have.

However, if you are struggling to get the person to love you back, or if the person has moved to a different woman, or even in case if he does not notice you or reciprocate, it can be a very sad feeling. If you have tried everything and all those techniques have not worked, fear not. Help is here and you should try this.

Love Marriage Relationship Issue Noori Amal

Love Marriage Relationship Issue Noori Amal

Making dua is a powerful and effective way to get what you want in life. Dua is the single window through with you pray to the almighty and seek help and support. In this process, the all knowing, Allah, will hear your request and help you.

You must however be careful for what you wish. Your wish has to be true to the heart, genuine and should not be to harm someone or hurt someone. This person that you love should be with total honesty. Only then you will get help.

You can use this dua for any number of reasons. Some of them can be to get him or her to notice you and fall in love with you. You can also use this dua to convince your parents or the lovers parents to agree to your wedding, even if it is intercaste marriage. You should however not use this for doing damage to someone else, hurting them, physically, mentally or emotionally. The dua has to be genuine and must come from the bottom of your heart.

Dua ki Amal – Recite this dua on the first Friday of the Islamic calendar month

“la ilaha illa anta subhaneka inni kuntu minz zalimin”

  • You should read this dua for 900 times and read it with the Darood / Salavat 11 situations.
  • While reading the dua, face yourself with the picture of the person you want to influence. You should close your eyes and imagine the image or face of the person too.
  • While reading the dua, you should also face the person’s residence of living.
  • You have to do this starting every evening till 2.00 AM. Continue to do this till the person, acknowledges their love for you, or the problem if any other is solved. Inshallah!

Many a times people do not fall in love together in a mutual manner. One person has to convince the other and this takes time. If you are serious about your love and want to make sure you live a life of happiness and contentment, this is a very safe and effective method. After you get the person to like and love you, it may still be a problem.

The parents of the lover or your own parents might not like the alliance and hence may be opposed to it. It then becomes your joint responsibility to make sure they are all agreeing to this marriage. This dua can be used to convince anyone if they are opposed to the wedding.


Sometimes, even after loving one person, the man or woman may deviate and go to another person. Such problems usually come up because of today’s Western culture and habits. Distance in the relationship can also cause such things. But if you are convinced that the lover has unknowingly made a mistake and you want them to come back to you, you can use this dua to make them come back and fall in love with you all over again.

This dua is also very powerful and effective in case of marriages that are between casts and religions. Allah the almighty has power over everyone. You can use this dua to make someone agree to your intercaste or religion marriage too.

Have faith in him, and follow his path. He will test you, but will not burden you with more than you can carry. This is his way to testing your loyalty and faith in him. If you are patient and calm, you will succeed in the end and he will reward you with your desires. Your faith will help you overcome the crisis in a smooth manner. Just keep reading the dua, and make sure you follow the instructions. Success will come shortly. This dua is very effective and many people have used it in the past and overcome their love problems.

If so many have done that and have claimed success in their love life, there must be some truth to it. So do not lose hope, be faithful to the almighty and your time will also come. Allah does not let anyone down. He will protect you from the evil and the bad. You have to have faith and patience in him to reward you with your desires. When the time is right, everything will fall into place.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa for Husband

So what are you waiting for? Place your trust and faith in the all-knowing, almighty Allah. You have the power to change your destiny with the support of him. You can make your love life, the way you want it to be. You can be the best in what you choose. With your love life and its problems solved.

you can concentrate and focus on the work, your career and other things. This is only possible when things at home and heart are according to your wishes. Once you do that, you will have gained, respect and popularity amongst people in your society. With Allah by your side, you have the world at your finger tips. GO win the world!

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