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Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor, First of all, Islamic culture defines bandish as the obstruction. Therefore the Muslim holy book must have the solution for any obstruction in life. So you are searching for a way to remove obstruction from your life for children? Maybe you tried to conceive lots of times without success. Probably you are facing other serious problems like a career/workaholic husband etc.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Well, of course, you can find a solution according to the Muslim prophets. But first of all, you should not lose your faith in the almighty. So clear your mind and follow the regular rules of a pious Muslim. Do not forget to pray during Ramjan month, especially on Friday. Furthermore, you must pray before going to sleep.


Of course, you can try some specific Duas and other Islamic rituals to increase your opportunity. Maybe you are frustrated enough to lose your faith. So you need to try Hajj Surah every day to preserve your faith in the almighty.

To get the best gift of god you must increase family values and connection. Therefore before praying for children make your family suitable for the new guests. Try verse 14 from the Koran after daily mandatory prayer or Wazib. The recitation is famously known as Momenoon Surah. The Surah will connect all family members in the same tunes and your prayer for children will increase its power.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

The most noteworthy Dua for children is the Khayarul Dua from Koran. You must recite the verse regularly after Fajr. Another important Dua is the 52nd Dua from the holy book. This powerful Dua can remove your frustration and show you light in the darkness. You can try Fardwan or 53rd Dua from the Islamic book. Recite this three times after you complete your Wazib. Sometimes you face painful situations like stillborn or unsafe delivery etc. Therefore you need a protection Dua here.

Chant the Urdu Bakir Dua for safety daily until the child is born. Another effective dua is the 55th Dua from the Koran. You must try this in case you face early child death trouble.

To protect your child from all the evil effects and diseases try to chant Sadiq Dua daily. Furthermore, you should recite the names of the father and child in the Dua. Maybe the Dua is for a female child. Therefore change the middle part of the Dua with the Lamoha Dua. For the safety of the newborn, you can try general Parental Dua also. Furthermore, chant the Al-Imran Surah after the Assar and Fajr prayer every day to get the gift of children.

The Dua is prohibited for unmarried couples. Another Child bringing Dua for a married couple is the verse 89 or Al-Anbiya Surah in Urdu from Koran. Chant this effective one until you receive your best gift. Furthermore, you can try another powerful option.

Pareshani Se Nijat Pane Ki Dua

Try Istikhara to get safe children. Use one white paper to write the 31 verses from the Koran clearly. Now wrap the paper with a cotton thread and wrap it around the belly of the woman. The obstruction will be removed quickly from life. Furthermore, you can try Wazifas for the same. Wazifas are special wishes you make to the almighty. However, some prophets describe Wazifa as selfish. But you should use recommended Wazifas for children.

You must not try self-made Wazifas as they have negative consequences. Furthermore, Wazifas use magical terms with special power therefore you must follow the rituals blindly. Sit in the Wudu pose and recite the Jabbru term 300 times while breathing on two almonds.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Share the almonds with your husband/wife and try the same ritual for 11 days. After the ritual completion increase your physical intimacy level. Try the same again for 11 days. You will hear good news real soon. According to some legends, you can offer a goat to the almighty to fulfill the Wazifa ritual. Therefore do the same ritual every year to stay safe with your increasing family. You can try to give food to the poor every month for the same result. If you are a female you must avoid the days of period for the Wazifa ritual. Furthermore, you can try some traditional Duas also.

Increase the time of Ruku as well as Sajdah every day and pray Rakhat after Jumah prayer. Next do Zakariah prayer aloud every day until you get good news. This prayer increases the protection and stability of the newcomer’s life. Probably you are frustrated with your female problems and are searching quick solution. Write the Koranic version of Dua number 70 in seven Basil leaves using Saffron. Finally, try one Basil dust in cow milk every day and feed the suffering woman. Try the same for 7 consecutive days. You will see amazing results. Another effective Dua needs some strict rituals.


Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

You need dry deer skin, rose water, and Saffron for this. Write the 71st Koranic Dua on the deerskin using the paste of Saffron and rose water. Finally, wear this as a locket on the neck for the best news in your life. Probably you are facing typical pregnancy troubles. You are afraid of unknown things and of course evil spirits like Gins/Ifrits. Therefore you need the safety of Dua during pregnancy. Write the Ashanat Dua on paper and keep it in the body of the pregnant woman for 40 days in the first month of pregnancy. You can use it as a locket/talisman in her body. Untie the same only to bind it during the ninth month of pregnancy.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

After the safe delivery bind the same to the child for safety. Abortion is another burning issue for pregnant women. Therefore you need Dua for the physical safety of the pregnant woman and the child. Write 73rd dua in a wax cloth and wrap the cloth around the woman’s belly. Use saffron as the ink to write the Dua. Another problem for pregnant women is delivery. For smooth delivery try Bismil Laheer Dua on paper and bind it in the arm or neck for the whole delivery period. Almighty will gift you a healthy child in a smooth delivery.