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Good Wife Dua – dua for love

Good Wife Dua

Importance of dua to get a good wife in your life

Good Wife Dua,The Islamic duas play a vital role to create spousal connection in the heart of your lover that proves to be a blessing in disguise and shower a better impact on your spouse.

The dua to get my wife back is something in which love is an ideal method by which there is deducting of misconception, trouble making, absence of trust, absence of certainty, absence of legitimate because of which there is not making of issues in the psyche of couples.

Good Wife Dua

Good Wife Dua

Good Wife Dua

through which their life turn out to be longer which originates from the positive intuition between them.

Love makes fascination and love between couples or accomplices and through which need to get him/her back by utilizing any ways.

In Islam, there is energy to get lost affection back utilizing Islamic dua for lost adoration in urdu, Arabic, English and so on.

It is realized that in the event that you have lost your delightful love then have expectation that the feeling of love is beautiful and almighty allah will bring your sweetheart back/lost affection/ex love back soon.

However for it some time you need to rehash Ayah is the solitary type of surah intense dua for lost affection back and when you utilize qurani wazifa for lost adoration in those days beyond any doubt it will given a positive energy to bring back your lost darling and Insha allah will get back your lost affection is achievement.

Recite the dua to get my wife back

When some individual have lost his/her adoration then he/she need to get him by at any rate so for it you can utilize dua for somebody to return and fill your life with joy.

Good Wife Dua


At some point we have lost our affection, spouse, husband, somebody and so on however now we need to get him/her back utilizing dua for your adoration to return.

You can without much of a stretch get him/her back by utilizing following for spouse/wife to return home with a few conditions.

You ought to need to use below-given dua for sweetheart to return either spouse/wife both case for 31 days or beyond any doubt you will get your significant other/wife back soon.

Please do the following –

  • On the first Friday (night before Friday) night of an Islamic month read Darood/Salavat 11 times
  • Ayat Karima 900 times- “Laa ilaahaa illaa aantaa subhaneekhaa inni kunatu minza zalimina”.

Good wife dua, When you read this dua imagine the face of your wife. You can also put his/her photo in front of you to help you imagine.

When you enchant this dua, you might face that person’s house where he is residing. The best time for dua is 2 am of night. Use ittar or perfume while reciting dua.

Chant dua to get love from wife

Marriage life is most basic part in the life of an individual as an aftereffect of amid this time they tend to meet with their life accomplice can spent his or her entire existence with you for fondness and trust.

In wedded life, husband and wife each has its own importance in the life of others and in this manner they ought to got the opportunity to endeavor everlastingly getting a charge out of a not too bad pioneer whereby their accomplice feel great from them and he or she may glad on you.

Good Wife Dua

Since there are several husband who are unable to get the desired love from their wife and are eager to get the same love and affection that they deserve to be.

Islamic dua for husband in which Ayat originates from the expression of Ayah, dua to attain love from wife is formulae for taking care of any sorts of issue which can’t be unraveled in effectively route.

Through this, you can attain the desired result in the form of love, affection and care from your wife.

Duas are like extremely basic path through which one can make a beginning of any things and you begin with name of the Allah then the work is hard or simple ready to succeeded at the earliest opportunity correspondingly the Islamic dua for affection back is acknowledged by the Allah since Allah is the most useful and the most kind for all.


Powerful dua to get a beautiful/pious wife

It is the desire of any man to get a beautiful wife and ideal wife. Not only the men, even women also desire to get a prince charming that often comes in their desires.

However, each of us are not lucky enough and it is the time when dua to get a beautiful/pious wife plays a crucial role.

Good wife dua, Always remember that the spouse that you desire must be a pious and religious one which led you closer to Allah.

You should not be deceived by the money or looks- because such qualities will normalize, indeed the love offered through plenty will lasts to grow.

There is a supplication for you- “Whichever one of you who wants to get married to a pious wife must first perform a two-rakat prayer, in every rakat, Surah Fatihah and Surah Ya-Sin might be recited, afterward the prayer ends and one praises Allah, the following must be said-

Good Wife Dua

“O Lord, give me a nice, child bearing, thankful spouse; a spouse that would be thankful if I treat him/her good and would be forgive me if I treat him bad; a spouse that would help me I remember Allah and would remind me of Allah.

Good Wife Dua

if I forget him; a wife that would protect me if I leave her presence and would make me happy when I enter her presence.”