How to your Ex boyfriend and girlfriend will be back

How to your Ex boyfriend and girlfriend will be back, People often find themselves anxious and concerned when their partner decides to leave a relationship. The fear of whether their boyfriend or girlfriend will come back or not can weigh heavily on their minds. In such situations, some individuals even contemplate whether their entire life has been ruined. However, it’s crucial to remember that no one should sacrifice their entire life for someone else. Beyond personal sacrifices, individuals also inquire about the astrological aspects that could indicate the success or failure of their romantic relationships.

Your Ex boyfriend and girlfriend will be back

Exploring Astrological Yogas for Relationship Success

Recently, someone reached out to me, expressing their worry about the longevity of their romantic connection. They mentioned reading numerous comments predicting the success of their relationship based on specific astrological combinations. This led them to wonder about the astrological factors that determine whether their love life will be successful or not.

Understanding Kundali Yogas for Relationship Outcome

The person explained that they sought insights into the specific yogas in their Kundali (natal chart) that could reveal the potential success or failure of their romantic ties. They were particularly interested in finding solace and understanding the possibilities of their partner returning after leaving.

Analyzing Astrological Combinations

Why do couples face issues in their love relationship

I would like to share insights based on the Kundali of individuals who have experienced similar situations. Analyzing the Kundali involves observing the fifth and seventh houses, which are associated with romantic relationships. Long-term relationships are typically seen through the seventh house, while the initial dating phase is linked to the fifth house.

Observing the Fifth House and Seventh House in Kundali

In Kundali’s analysis, the fifth house and its lord, along with the seventh house and its lord, play crucial roles. If the lords of these houses are connected in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, it indicates a challenging situation. Such placements can suggest a prolonged separation, possibly leading to a permanent break-up.

Determining the Duration of the Relationship

How to your Ex boyfriend and girlfriend will be back

It’s essential to consider the duration of the relationship. A relationship that has lasted for four to six months might be assessed differently than one that has been ongoing for several years. In cases where the relationship is relatively new, analyzing the fifth house and its significator can provide insights into the likelihood of reconciliation.


While astrology can offer insights into potential outcomes, it’s important to approach it with a balanced perspective. Astrological factors can provide guidance, but they should not be the sole determinants of one’s decisions. Every individual and relationship is unique, and multiple factors contribute to the dynamics of romantic connections. Seeking professional advice and self-reflection can aid in making informed decisions about the future of a relationship.

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